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  •  Welcome New Year 2018 as we all put our hands together to pray for fulfillment, happiness, warmth and love this coming year.

  • With excitement in our minds and love in our hearts, let us all welcome the coming year 2018 with open arms and pray for this journey to be a smooth one. Happy New Year to all!

  • This New Year 2018, wishing you all the joy in the world as you embark upon a new journey this year. Stay strong, stay motivated and always keep that beautiful smile on your face. Happy New Year to all my dear ones.

  • The countdown for New Year 2018 has begun. Here’s to praying that we can keep our New Year’s resolutions for longer than a month! Happy New Year to all my lovely friends and family.

  • Wishing you a rocking year ahead, a chilling 365 days filled with adventure, games, and lots of love. Have the best New Year 2018@#############

 Gul Ne Gulshan Se Gulfam Bheja H,
Sitaro Ne Aasma Se Salam Bheja H,
Mubarak Ho Aapko Naya Saal,
Hum Ne Ye Advance Mein Ye Paigam Bheja H.
Happy New Year!!!

Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye Double,
Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare Trouble,
Khuda rakkhe humesha tujhe Smart & Fit,
Teray liye New Year ho Super-Duper Hit!!

Naya Saal Mubarak !!
Kya Bharosa
Mobile Ka. Battery ka
Charger Ka
Network Ka
Balance Ka
Life ka
Time Ka
Is Liye Meri Taraf Se
Advance Main
“Naya Saal Mubarak”

↕Naya Saal Aap Ke Jeevan Me,
Sare Dukho’onk Ko Mar De,
Sare Sukho’onk Ko Janam De,
Aur Aap Ko Unnat Kar De…
Happy New Year 2018⇖⇖⇖

  • ⇖New Year’s is the time to forget all your fears, drink a few beers, leave behind all your tears… so be merry and have happy New Year.

  • New Year is the time when, all your hopes are new, so are your aspiration, new are your resolutions and new are your spirits… so here’s wishing everyone a very promising, fulfilling and a very happy New Year.

  • ↸As the New year begins let us hope that this year will bring with it, a year of peace, a year of joy, a year of plenty, a year full of fun with friends, and full of blessings… here’s wishing everyone a happy and a prosperous New Year 2018.

  • With the blossoming of this New Year I pray that there are great times lined for you ahead. May you achieve all that you ever dreamed and hoped for, wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2018…

  • ⇖May the five F’s that are very important in everyone’s life fill your New Year, May you have the support of you Friends, your Family, Fun, enjoy Fame and Food… Big cheers and hugs and kisses to all, Happy New Year 2018↸↸… ↸Have a blast on this New Year’s…

  • May the New Year bring mornings that are vibrant, and multitudes of reasons that are worth celebrating, so wishing you and loved ⇖ones a Happy New Year 2018…

  • Oh My Dear, Forget Ur Fear, Let All Ur Dreams Be Clear, Never Put Tear, Please Hear, I Want to Tell One Thing in ur Ear Wishing u a Very “Happy New Year.

  • May the choicest blessings of Almighty God always bring peace and prosperity for you and your family. Happy New Year.

  • The feeling that someone gets when we make them feel special, their smiles gifts us with a happiness which is incomparable to any other happiness in the world. make them feel special the same way you first did. Because they may not be able to endure the pain of being hurt by being ignored.

  • If there could be a thing that I could give you on this new year, I would choose to give one of my smiles to someone who needs it more than me. This message is for all those who are sad because of some or the other reason. Never forget my friend, God loves you.

  1.  Smile is beginning of life, risk is an integral part of life, but New Years are heavenly gift in our lives. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Keep on smiling, forget tear, believe in joy, do not recall scary memory, hold your humor, be happy, as it’s new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  3. New Year is approaching; let’s pray hard, the New Year will be filled in peace, happiness, and heavenly bliss of selfless friendship.

  4. I wish my dearest partner Happy New Year and I wish you all the blessings you truly deserve

  5. “Every tomorrow is an outcome of what I do today, and the beauty of it all is that today is happening all the time.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough.

  6. It is time to forget the past and Start a new beginning. Happy New Year 2018.

  7. Wishing you a Wonderful Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come. Happy New Year 2018 status.

  8. Leave the sorrows, pain, and sadness behind and lets welcome the brand New Year with a smile. Happy New Year. Old is gone and new is here, forget your sorrows and your tear, Wish you a very very very Happy New Year.

  • We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives, not looking for flaws but, for potential. Happy New Year 2018

  • Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle. Happy New Year 2018

  • Beginning a New Year with a good guide on our side, the star of Jesus, which shows us safe roads, fills our hearts with his grace. Best Wishes for the New ear 2018.

  • Happy New Year’s Eve 2018. Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but, a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

  1.  As a child, every other day you had a different mission and I was your confidante. This New Year I wish that our bond of love, sharing and caring remains unhindered for as long as we live.

  2. This New Year let us vow to make many more happy memories together, of fun and frolic, just as we did when we were children. We can add those to the treasure chest of life to form a beautiful collage down the journey of life.

  3. May this New Year be as cool and rocking as you are dude – may each day bring new hopes and happiness.

  4. As the New Year knocks your door, dear brother, do not fret about the mistakes of the past. Instead learn lessons from those and plan to make your future a happy and successful one.

  5. Counting my blessings and wishing you more. Hope you enjoy the New Year in store. Have a joyous New Year, my dear friend!

  6. New Year has brought with it loads of opportunities to become the human being you have always wanted to be.

  7. You may look ahead to the approaching New Year with optimism enthusiasm for performing great. Happy New Year!!!

  8. May you get succeed in the year 2018 and achieve all your goals you have set.

  9. Let the New Year Make you Correct all Your, Vices and Brush,
  10. Up all Your Virtues as You, Strive to Put Your Best Foot,
  11. Forward to Welcome 2018, Happy New Year!

  •  My sister has amazing personality
  • I can never imagine my life with out her
  • Happy new year sis!

  • Sisters are angels Who came in world!
  • To serve us!Love for every one
  • Love by Every oneLove to every one
  • Have a Lovely 2018

  • Is Nearly Here,
  • This Year Will Be No More,
  • What You Never Achieved In This Year
  • Put It As A Priority In This Coming Year.
  • What You Just Need Is Focusing On Your Dream And Making It Happen.
  • Good Bye 2017
  • and Most Welcome 2018

  1. New will be the coming year, may hopes will be new and iron like will be the determination; new will be the resolutions, renewed will be the spirit but my best wished will always be warm. Wish you a rewarding and gratifying New Year ahead.

  2. May God bless you and keep you always safe and happy: my wish and blessing is not only for today but for the rest of life ahead. May the year 2018 come as the best among the best you have ever imagined for you.

  3. My brother is one of the finest blessings for me poured from paradise. I wish to convey my love, respect, prayers, and good wishes for you for the coming New Year. Happy New Year my dear brother

  • This New Year, my wish for you dear brother is that no cloud should ever darken the horizons of your life – may sun always shine the brightest and boldest wherever you are.

  • May this New Year give you the opportunity to turn things around and make the best choices for wonderful days ahead.

  • When I close my eyes, dear brother, I still see the innocent smile of a baby face who held on to my index finger as he slept. May you connect to the innocent side of your soul this New Year and unleash the child in you.

  1.  This year, instead of wishing you happiness and laughter, let’s put a little twist into the story! Let us all welcome the New Year 2018 with a drink in our hands, a smirk on our faces and party on our weekend schedules! Have a rocking New Year 2018!Every New Year is filled with 365 days, and 365 chances. Take a leap of faith, and follow your dreams this New Year 2018. Have a blessed year to all my loved ones.

  2. Out with the old, in with the New, This New Years wish is especially for You. Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with joy, love and laughter as we all step into a new journey with the same destination. Hope you have a blessed year ahead of you

  3. To all my nearest and dearest friends, there is nothing more that I could want in life than to have a support system like you with me always. Just like trees need oxygen, I need my dear friends. Thank you for all the love and support and I hope our friendship is as strong as the roots of the trees. Happy New Year to all my lovely friends.

 I wish you can give up smoking this year.

I wish you succeed in cutting down on drinking this year.

I wish you can fulfill your dream of buying a car this New Year.

I sincerely wish you can buy a new Condo this year.

I wish you can move into a better neighborhood this year.

I wish your house renovation woes come to an end this year.

I wish your place is not ravaged by any storm or natural events this year.

  •  Your girlfriend told me about you, but she didn’t prepare me for how wonderful you are. Now here we are, celebrating the New Year together.

  • All the times you said you would be there for me, you meant it. Happy New Year to my one and only.

  • Thinking of you today. Can’t wait for New Year’s Eve. You are so so gorgeous.

  • Happy New Year to the woman I adore. It’s going to be a spectacular future.

  • New Year’s resolution? Make you my fiancé. Let’s talk it over, over and over again.

  • may your life be filled with laughter and cheer always, just like you fill up our lives with happiness and merriment.

  • Having a sister is like having a best friend for life, so for her I wish only the very best this New Year.I wish your woes regarding your beloved cat’s health are resolved this year.

  • I wish you and your spouse enjoy the anniversary lot this year.

  • I wish your spouse takes you to an exotic vacation this year.

  • I wish you excel as a homemaker this year.

  • I sincerely wish your culinary skills develop further this year.

  • I wish the handsome colleague you secretly admire asks you for a coffee date this year.

  • @I wish you get a number of worthy proposals in Valentine ’s Day this year.

  1.  May the New Year bring to you Warmth of love and
  2. a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. Happy New Year 2018!

  3. May the new year bring you greater heights of success and prosperity.
  4. Have a happy new year 2018!

  5. May the new year that follows be the best you have ever had.
  6. Have a blissful new year!Cuddle the New Year with a new look, new vision, and new positive approach It will not only make your life simple, you will emerge like a winner. A grand wish from Dad and Mom for the coming New Year.

  7. You must make every moment worth recall so that the moments remain as tasty memory for ever. May the new year is filled with such tasty memory. Happy New Year 2018...

  8. Dad and Mom wishes that you be blessed with sunshine like smile, powerful beam of energy and drenched in happiness as you will step into the realm of the approaching New Year.

  1. At this special time of year,
  2. I feel the need to remind you,
  3. Your heart is welded to my soul,
  4. And my love for you is true,
  5. Take life as it comes,
  6. And learn from your mistakes,
  7. When you’re trying to hard,
  8. Remember to take a break.
  9. Happy New Year sweetheart.

  10. You are the apple of my eye,
  11. And for you I’d gladly die,
  12. You’re my inspiration to live,
  13. To love and to give,
  14. You give meaning for me to be here,
  15. So enjoy life and have a happy new year.

  16. If loving you cost me one pound a day,
  17. It’s a price I’d happily pay,
  18. If loving you cost me a stone in weight,
  19. It’s cholesterol I’d appreciate,
  20. If loving you meant I’d be poor,
  21. I’d embrace this status and not be sore.
  22. Happy New Year sunshine.

  23. Enjoy your life on this special day,
  24. And try not to head too far astray,
  25. Love those around you with all your heart,
  26. Don’t be depressed when times are dark,
  27. Embrace any change and remain sincere,
  28. And try your best to have a happy new year.

  29. Your life is your own,
  30. So do what makes you unique,
  31. Follow your chosen path,
  32. And let your soul leak,
  33. Into the lives of others,
  34. Whether they are strong or weak,
  35. This new year is for you as well,
  36. So let you scent reek.
  37. Happy New Year.

  38. On this great day or fresh beginnings,
  39. I’d like to wish those I love most,
  40. A prosperous new year and the best of luck,
  41. You never know what lies ahead my son,
  42. So count your gifts and blessings,
  43. And make this year one for the books.
  44. Happy New Year.

  45. You have your whole life ahead of you,
  46. So make some more mistakes, make milkshakes,
  47. Make memories and make me some grandchildren,
  48. Make love but be safe,
  49. Make friends from any race,
  50. Make cakes and go on dates,
  51. But above all, please yourself and others,
  52. Starting by having a happy new year.

  •  Every Father Should Remember That One Day His Son Will Follow His Example Instead Of Advice.

  • When A Father Gives To His Son, Both Laugh; When A Son Gives To His Father, Both Cry.

  • The Greatest Gift I Ever Had, Came From God: I Call Him Dad!!

  • Distinctly Dad. Dad – A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love.

  • If The Relationship Of Father To Son Could Really Be Reduced To Biology, The Whole Earth Would Blaze With The Glory Of Fathers And Sons.

  • A Father Is A Man Who Expects His Son To Be As Good A Man As He Meant To Be.

  • Let’s burst into the New Year together! Jump with both feet, holding hands — like we’ve done since I met you. Happy New Year to my exciting partner in crime!

  • Happy New Year to my Snuggy-Buggy, Snooky-Wookums, Cuddle-Muffin. I love how we nauseate our friends, don’t you?

  • I always dreamed of kissing the man I love as the New Year rings in. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

  • I can’t wait to make my New Year’s resolution. After all, last year’s came true — you’re here with me! Happy New Year honey.

  • I am so lucky to be your girlfriend. Your warmth and compassion show through in everything you do. Happy hopeful and bountiful New Year to you.Let’s send all our friends New Year’s messages together this year. I love you. I can’t wait to see you.

  • Nothing prepared me for this moment. Happy New Year to the most important person in my life.

  • If my wishes come true, we’ll be together in 2018. I look forward to a very

  • Once a boyfriend, now a husband. Happy New Year to the man I love dearly.

  • Let’s make 2018 as dazzling as the year we met. Nothing has been the same since. I love you truly, my dear wife.

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