Cute Love MessagesQuotes

  1. If I Had To, I Would Wait For An Eternity To Be With You!!!

  2. Hug Is A Best Way To Touch The One You Care For.!!!!

  3. Just A Simple SMS From### You I Change From Dull And Quiet To Bright And Elated.Send SMS
  4. I Don't Consider Love To Be All About Hugs And Kisses, But If It Was I Would Be Hugging And Kissing You All The Time### In The Morning, Noon, ###Evening And Night.Send SMS

  5. Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming, Hope Ends When You Stop Believing And Love Ends When You Stop Caring. So Dream Hope ###And Love...Makes Life Beautiful.Send SMS

  6. Who Said Loving You Will Ever Be Easy? I Just Love### You Bcoz My Heart Tells Me To Do So, If It Was Not For My Heart I Was Going To Love You More & More.Send SMS

  7. The Person Who Loves You More Will Fight With You Daily Without Any Reason. But Whenever You’re Sad That Person Will Fight With The World To End Your Sadness.Send SMS

  8. I Want To Go Somewhere, Where Ther Is Nothing Beside Our Love…. I Am In Search Of That Place, Where The Love Has Won Over The Hatred####I Try To Find That Heaven, Where Love Is Said To Be God….. I Wish To Indulge In You Forever And Pray Everyday So That We Together Can.Send SMS

  9. You Are Like The Sunshine So Warm, You Are Like Sugar, So Sweet… You Are Like You… And That’s The Reason Why I Love You!Send SMS

  10. A Special Smile A Special Face.A Special Someone I Cant Replace. I Love You I Always Will. You Have Filled A Space No One Can Fill!Send SMS

  11. I Dont Have The Measels, I Am Not Confined To Bed, Asperin Wont Help Coz It Aint My Head, I Don't Have Back Ache Or The Flu, Its More Serious…I Am Missing You.Send SMS

  12. I Feel Something In My @@Heart, It’s Like A Little Flame, Every Time I See You, This Flame Lights Up, This Flame Is Special For You, Because I LOVE YOU!Send SMS

  13. Loving You Has Been The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

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