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 Rise and shine my love,
Open your pretty eyes,
I am not being modest,
Just being a little wise,
Because I so love you,
A very good morning to you!

A strong cup of coffee,
Is for you my love,
May you have a lovely day,
And smile all through,
Begin your day a anew,
Good morning,
I love you!
 I wake up smiling because of you,
All day I feel so fresh and new,
It's because of the magic of your love,
It is because of you,
Your face is like the fresh dew,
That freshens up my life,
Good morning to you,
Keep smiling!

  1.  ↪Good Morning to the person who makes every day so special and beautiful in my life. You shine brighter than the sun for me, baby!
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. ⇘They say that plants can't breathe or grow without the sun. In that sense, you're my true sunshine, ⇚because my life stands still without you. Good Morning!
  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. ↸Just like the sun rises every morning and promises to breathe life into this planet, I'll be there for you always. I love you! Good Morning!
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Kickstart your day with the thought that you and I are awesome together! I love you! Have a great day!
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  9. Can't believe it's morning already. Felt like just a few minutes back when I lay in bed thinking about you, and the memories are so beautiful but the night was too short! :) Just can't stop think about you. Good Morning!
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. ↸I must have done something right in my life to ↘deserve your phone number and send you ⇖this message. Good Morning!
  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 ⇗⇗⇗The first ray to a new day,
Reminds me of you my dear,
I want you to smile while you open your eyes,
To spread that cheer
So, do smile early this day,
On this awesome day,
Wish you a lovely morning,
⇗⇗⇗Good morning↸↸↸~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When the sun shines so bright,
When I feel alright,
That is the time, I think about you,
That makes me feel so good and new,
It's because of you,
Wish you a lovely morning,
Good morning!

⇴⇴Your radiant face is same as the beautiful sun rise,
Early in the morning, I just want to wish that,
You rise and shine and stay happy and chirpy all the time
Wish you a lovely morning,
Good morning!
Keep smiling↺↺↺

↹↹The sun brightens up everyone's world, and you brighten up mine. Thank you for being the bright, happy sun of my life! Good Morning!

↸↸The morning breeze on my face,
Makes me yearn for you,
The more I don't see you my love,
The more I miss you,
I so truly love you,
Rise and shine my pretty girl,
Wish you a lovely morning,
Keep smiling⇖⇖

  1.  With you I get a reason to smile, 
  2. With you I find my way, 
  3. Because !!of your wonderful voice,
  4. Awesome goes my day,
  5. So, wishing you a lovely morning!
  6. Have a lovely day! 
  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. I think I am the luckiest guy of this world, 
  9. Becau!!se I have the most pretty, caring and wonderful girlfriend in life,
  10. Early in the morning, thinking about you,
  11. Good morning and keep smiling! 
  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  13. You know that the morning is incomplete without the rays, 
  14. My mornings ar!!e incomplete without the days,
  15. When I don't wish you my dear, 
  16. So, have a lovely morning and stay happy!
  17. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  18. The cold breeze from the window,
  19. Makes me realize your presence in life,
  20. So yearn!!ing for your kiss and cuddle, 
  21. My dear and pretty would be wife, 
  22. Wish you a lovely morning! 
  23. Keep smiling! 
  24. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  25. A super morning wish to my pretty girl,
  26. Without you I feel so blue, 
  27. With you everything is so new, 
  28. You know why, 
  29. Coz I so!! love you 
  30. Wish you a lovely morning! 
  31. Keep smiling!
  32. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  33. Girl, I did not sleep last night, 
  34. Because I was thinking about you, 
  35. You don't even have a clue, 
  36. That how!!! much I love you 
  37. I really and truly do,
  38. I love you,
  39. Wish you a lovely morning! 
  40. Keep smiling!
  41. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  42. You are too cute; you are oh so lovely, 
  43. So, in the morning, you are my first thought, 
  44. Rest everything is sought, 
  45. Apart from my heart and its love for you,
  46. Baby, I truly love!!! you,
  47. Wish you a lovely morning! 
  48. Good morning!
  49. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 The cuddles in the morning make me feel so good,
The kisses would make me feel alright,
So, on this !day so bright,
I am yearning for your love,
Good morning!
Have a lovely day

The rays of the sun on your lovely face,
That beautiful smile of yours and lovely grace,
I so wish I co!uld hug you tight,
Because I love you with all my might,
Good morning my dear,
Smile and spread the cheer!

Good morning to my sweet princess,
Your smile is what makes my day,
In the morning,
This made me say,
That you are the best thing that happened in my life,
To my pretty would be wife,
Have a lovely day ahead!

!!The early morning dew,
And your pretty smile,
Makes me realize,! how lucky I have been,
All the way and while,
Because I have you in my life,
Because without you I can't suffice,
I love you,
!!!!Good morning to you!

  •  Good Morning to the most beautiful girl in the world! You define beauty, and you are the motivation$ behind the start of every new day!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • When you wake up to this message, I want you to know that you are the best in the world! :) Good Mor$ning!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Each morning is new for me,
  • I live the biggest truth of life, 
  • That I am still yours forever 
  • That you are mine for the time, 
  • Mornings s$eem pleasant with this thought 
  • Of all the emotions and wishes to sought 
  • Good morning my girl 
  • Have a lovely day!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Your one smile brightens up the day, 
  • Makes it $special in the morning 
  • When you look outside the window
  • The fresh breeze comes on your face, 
  • Makes you look so charming full of grace 
  • My baby a very good morning to you 
  • A day so lovely and new!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • You need no makeup for the start of the day 
  • You look pretty in every way 
  • Your eyes speak up to the sun 
  • As you lay on your bed today 
  • I want to wi$sh you my love
  • A very wonderful morning today 
  • Have an awesome day!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • You st$ay in my heart do you know 
  • You do stay in my mind, 
  • When I open my eyes in the morning 
  • I think about you being kind 
  • Because you are my destiny girl
  • Can't think a day without you 
  • Baby I truly love you 
  • Wishing a very good morning to you 
  • Have a lovely day too!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • The first morning light on your face, 
  • That first morning dew 
  • Your face has a usual grace 
  • It feels so awesome and it feels so new 
  • Baby I wa$nt to see your first in the morning 
  • So that my day feels good 
  • Only with your smile so pretty! 
  • Touch wood! 
  • Good morning and have a lovely day
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Begin your day with a charming smile 
  • Begin your day with a while 
  • I just want to come to you and hug you tight 
  • I just want to embrace 
  • The first thing in the morning I think about you 
  • Oh my lovely I love you 
  • Thinking$ about you I start my day 
  • Good morning my girl for today!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Whether it is the night or an early morning for the day 
  • I know that you miss me as I also do 
  • Do you hav$e any clue 
  • That early in the mornings, 
  • I want to be with you 
  • My pretty girl coz I want to see you 
  • Coz I so love you 
  • Wishing a very good morning to you
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Open your pretty eyes and see the world, 
  • Smile and si$p that tea 
  • No you don't need any reason 
  • As your one smile spreads all the glee 
  • The sun sparkling at its best 
  • For you and the lovely fest 
  • My baby missing you in the morning glory 
  • Good morning to you!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • When I open my eyes,
  • I only think about you my girl,
  • When I look up to the sky,
  • I think about you oh girl 
  • With the sun shining so bright 
  • With all the glitters and might 
  • Girl you ##make me crazy for you! 
  • Want to say that I simply love you! 
  • Good morning and have a nice day

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