1. Morning by itself signifies a new beginning. ##So this morning start by forgiving yourself for all the mistakes you made yesterday and look forward to a ##promising day that lies ahead of you. Have a good morning!
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. This morning I wish you a## day filled with brightness and love. May you have a day filled with heaps of love, blessings, joy and peace.
  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. May you wake up this morning refreshed as ever. May your day be just as wonderful as your smile at the moment. And may you be showered with lots and lots of love and attention all day long. Good morning to you.
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. May you begin your day with confidence and optimism. May at the end of the day you be satisfied with all that you did today. Have a great morning.
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  9. May all your aspirations and all that you have planned for the day is fulfilled today. Live today as if it were your last day. Make the most out of it. Good morning to you my dear.
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  11. Today kick start your day with a big broad genuine smile. Come on, show life how optimistic you can be! Have an excellent morning.
  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  13. ###Morning tip: ##There cannot be a better exercise in the morning then starting off with a big broad smile. Good morning to you.
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  15. Morning is meant to be started with a smile on your face and positive thoughts in your mind. Have a wonderful morning.
  16. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  17. This morning, stop staying back in bed and dreaming of things that you can achieve by waking up. Good morning.
  18. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  19. A smile is contagious. Keep spreading the disease all through your day. Good morning to you.
  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  21. This morning, ##remind yourself that you are the only person who is in charge of controlling how your day goes. ##Best of luck.
  22. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  23. Every day is a gift given by ##God. Make good use of it. Good morning to you. Spread joy around.
  24. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  25. What a lovely morning it is,
  26. Full of new hopes and dreams,
  27. Look outside your window,
  28. And look at the sky,
  29. Opportunities are waiting for you,
  30. As you begin your day,
  31. Wishing a good morning to you
  32. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  33. As fresh as## the morning dew,
  34. As fresh as everything is new,
  35. It's a new day and a new way,
  36. So, make the most of this day,
  37. Good morning to ##you,
  38. Have a nice day
  39. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  40. Morning is like a blank## canvas of life,
  41. Each day you have a new opportunity to paint it, 
  42. With your favorite colors, so fill in yours,
  43. Wish you a lovely morning!
  44. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  45. Chirping #of the birds, 
  46. Sounds so sweet,
  47. There is a magic in the air,
  48. That is everywhere,
  49. The sun shining so bright,
  50. Calms all the fright,
  51. The lovely morning is here,
  52. Wish you a good #morning!
  53. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  54. The sky is so clear, 
  55. The sun is shining bright,
  56. Let go of your stress and fright,
  57. Because it's a new chapter, 
  58. A new day,
  59. Go ahead and have your say,
  60. Good morning and have a lovely day!
  61. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  62. Forget all your worries and sorrow,
  63. Leave behind the tomorrow,
  64. Coz today is the new day, 
  65. Coz today is the new daylight,
  66. So feel this pleasant and wonderful sight, 
  67. Good morning and have a nice day
  68. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  69. There is something cool about the morning,
  70. That infuses a new energy in you,
  71. You forget about the night so dark and blue,
  72. Mornings give a #new hope to live life,
  73. A new energy to strive,
  74. Wish you a lovely morning
  75. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  76. Cuckoo singing on your window,
  77. Get up and hear the tune,
  78. If you are still th#e sleepy head,
  79. Get yourself a sip of tea,
  80. Wake up all bright and see,
  81. The beautiful morning is here,
  82. Wish you good morning
  83. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  84. Morning time is beautiful,
  85. It makes you forget everything that is on your mind,
  86. There is a new wave, energy, and spirit,
  87. Mornings are surely wonderful,
  88. Wish you a lovely morning
  89. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  90. A very good morning to you my friend,
  91. Come on open your eyes and don't pretend,
  92. There are lots of thi#ngs to be done today,
  93. So make the list and don't get away,
  94. The beautiful morning is here to stay,
  95. Good morning, have a nice day
  96. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  97. The birds t#hat fly so high, 
  98. In the clear blue sky, 
  99. The sun that shines so bright,
  100. Letting go of the night, 
  101. Morning brings a new hope, 
  102. With a lovely scope, 
  103. So, have a great morning, 
  104. Have a nice day
  105. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  106. Why are mornings so beautiful, 
  107. When everything looks so wonderful, 
  108. It brings out the best in you, 
  109. The feeling so# good and new, 
  110. That is the spirit of lovely morning, 
  111. Good morning, 
  112. Have a good day
  113. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  114. Mornings are so nice, 
  115. With lovely pleasant voice, 
  116. The sparkling of the sun, 
  117. With all the cheer and fun, 
  118. For a new day so good, 
  119. Waiting for you, 
  120. Good morning to you
  121. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  122. Always start your day with a smile, 
  123. It will create an impression of happiness, 
  124. So, mornings are for staying happy, 
  125. Because of a new day, 
  126. Have a lovel#y morning, 
  127. And a good day
  128. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  129. Be thankful to the morning, 
  130. And every day so new, 
  131. You may not have a clue, 
  132. But it gives you each day, 
  133. A beginning s#o new, 
  134. A very good morning to you, 
  135. Have a nice day
  136. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  137. Do you know that mornings are so awesome ? 
  138. Because they get along new hope, lots of cheer, 
  139. New way and everything else to say, 
  140. So, a very good morning to you, 
  141. Have a super day
  142. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  143. A new spark in the air, 
  144. Look around and everywhere, 
  145. Can you hear that awesome noise ? 
  146. Chirping birds and all the voice, 
  147. The sun also shining all bright, 
  148. So, forget all your fright and cheer, 
  149. Good morning my dear
  150. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  151. A happy morning gives you another, 
  152. Reason to stay #happy and smile, 
  153. So begin your day with your a new cheer, 
  154. Have an awesome day my dear, 
  155. Wish you a lovely morning ahead, 
  156. Good morning
  157. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  158. May the light #and freshness of this new day, bring in a sweet vibe in your life.
  159. Live the day, as if there is no tommorow.
  160. And enjoy every moment, like there are no worries. 
  161. I wish you a fragnant and beautiful day.
  162. Good Morning.
  163. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  164. May this lovely day, bring in loads of joy and sweetness in your life.
  165. May your beautiful face shower smiles and shine the world with brightness.
  166. I wish you a very good morning.
  167. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  168. Every day is bea#utiful. Each day is special.
  169. Each day is a gift of God,
  170. and this is why we call it the 'present'.
  171. Good Morning.
  172. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  173. Attitude mak#es all the difference in life, 
  174. If you keep smiling, 
  175. Then people will talk to you, 
  176. If you keep crying, 
  177. Then they wouldn't, 
  178. So keep smiling!
  179. Good Morning
  180. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  181. When you get angry,
  182. You lose your precious minutes of staying happy, 
  183. So keep smiling and don't get angry!
  184. Good Morning!
  185. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  186. The m# often struggles through tears of sadness, 
  187. So keep smiling!
  188. Good Morning!
  189. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  190. Life gives us new meanings each day,
  191. Some are there to stay, 
  192. But, with a smile on face, 
  193. Everything gets ok, 
  194. So keep smiling!
  195. Have a good morning!
  196. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  197. Your wishes will come true with a smile on your face, 
  198. You will have the will to run every race, 
  199. So keep smiling!
  200. Good Morning!
  201. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  202. Smile, 
  203. Because it will only make you look better in life, 
  204. Smile, 
  205. Because by smiling it will be easier to strive, 
  206. Keep smiling! And have a good morning
  207. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  208. Nothing remains in life forever, 
  209. Forever is a lie, 
  210. But, the th#ing that remains with time, 
  211. Is the beautiful smile,
  212. So keep smiling!
  213. Good Morning
  214. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  215. Smile is so powerful, 
  216. That it has #the ability to melt any heart 
  217. So, keep smiling and keep winning hearts! 
  218. Good Morning!
  219. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  220. Life has so many beautiful things,
  221. One of them is sunrise, 
  222. It's time to wake up, 
  223. A very good morning to you
  224. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  225. Look outside the window, 
  226. And feel#ty sight of sunrise is rear, 
  227. Wishing you a lovely morning
  228. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  229. Each new day brings in new challenges in life, 
  230. Each# new day it is important to be prepared for those challenges, 
  231. A lovely morning to you, 
  232. Have a nice day
  233. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  234. Morning has so many wonderful things to offer you, 
  235. To start with look in the mirror, 
  236. And see your beautiful smile, 
  237. Have a lovely day, 
  238. Good morning
  239. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  240. Another night has gone, 
  241. Another day is here, 
  242. Another day to get it right, 
  243. So let go of your fear, 
  244. Wish you a lovely morning
  245. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  246. Morning brings in a new energy 
  247. When everything looks so bright 
  248. It brings in a new radiance 
  249. It brings in a new light 
  250. I wish you a happy day ahead 
  251. I wish you the brightest smile 
  252. Wishing you a lovely morning 
  253. Good morning
  254. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  255. Do not think about the past 
  256. It is a thing of yesterday 
  257. Think about the day to come 
  258. You will have a reason for today 
  259. Think about all the ways 
  260. When you will find a happy day 
  261. And reasons to have your say 
  262. Wishing you a lovely morning
  263. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  264. ##Mornings are bright as you are 
  265. Feel good as this day 
  266. Is going to be so perfect every #way 
  267. Feel good as this day is new 
  268. You will do things you want# too
  269. Morning will more pleasant for you 
  270. Wishing a lovely morning to you 
  271. Good morning to you!
  272. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  273. It is not just another day for you 
  274. This day will bring many opportunities so new 
  275. So believe in yourself as you approach 
  276. Things that you just want to do 
  277. Believe in yourself my dear 
  278. You will have all the reasons to cheer 
  279. Wishing a lovely morning to you 
  280. Good morning to you!
  281. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  282. May you feel so good this time 
  283. As the pleasant and breezy morning time 
  284. With the chirping### of the birds 
  285. With that clear blue sky 
  286. Morning energy looks so good 
  287. It is all in the whale of time 
  288. Wishing you a lovely morning 
  289. Wishing you good morning###
  290. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~##~~~~~~~

  291. Do not ##complain what you can't have 
  292. Be happy with what you get 
  293. Life gives you happiness all the way 
  294. Wait it might be your turn today 
  295. Have a pleasing day is my wish for you 
  296. Have a lovely day too 
  297. Wishing a good###morning to you
  298. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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