Sweet Love Messages Quotes

  1. ##Oh Baby, I Wish I Could Tell You How You Affect Me. All I Can Express Is The Fact That Your Every Breath, Every Smile, And Every Little Word Touches The Innermost Part Of My Soul.###
  2. Pleasures Of Love Lasts A Moment, Pleasures Of Love Lasts A Moment But Pain Of Love Lasts A Lifetime.###
  3. To Love Is One Thing, To Be Loved Is Another, B!!ut To Be Loved By The One You Love Is Everything.###
  4. Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming, Hope Ends When You Stop Believing And Love Ends When You Stop Caring. So Dream Hope And Love...!! Make Life Beautiful.Send SMS
  5. Love Is Sweet Poison... Do Not Consume Without Your Beloved's Advice... And Keep Out Of Reach Of Children... And Keep It In Cool And Dark Place.Send SMS
  6. You Are Far Away,
  7. But Yet Your Love Remains.
  8. I Can Feel It All Around.
  9. It Embraces Me And Holds Me Tight,
  10. Night After Night.Send SMS
  11. Some Times….When I’m All Alone.
  12. I!!! Close My Eyes And Think Of You.
  13. And The Thought Of Your Love Worms
  14. Me Inside And Make Me Smile.Send SMS!!!
  15. Dreaming Of You Makes My Night Worthwhile,
  16. Thinking Of You Makes Me Smile,
  17. Being With You Is The Best Thing Ever,
  18. And Loving You Is What I’ll Do Forever..Send SMS
  19. A Smile Gives Red Colour 2 Ur Cheek!!s, White To Your Teeth, Pink Colour To Your Lips, Silver Colour To Your Eyes. So Keep Smiling & Enjoy The Colours Of Life.Send SMS
  20. Don't Be Too Good, I Might Miss You. Don't Be Too Caring, I Might Like You. Don't Be Too Sweet, I Might Fall. It's Hard For Me To Love You When You Won't Love Me After All.Send SMS
  21. They Say As Long As At@@@ Least One Person Cares For You, Life Isn't A Waste. So When Things Go Terribly Wrong, And You Feel Like Giving Up, Please Remember You Still Got Me.Send SMS

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